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Welcome to CPC Academy! We help you to advance your professional development and provide you with tools for sustainable success in an ever-changing business world.

CPC Academy training CPC Academy training

Our diverse formats focus on key areas that are crucial in the current and future market environment. Immerse yourself in the world of change management, discover the dynamics of agile working, perfect your leadership skills and master the challenges of modern project management. Our experts are experienced practitioners in their respective fields and will support you with in-depth knowledge, practical insights and tried-and-tested strategies. With interactive teaching methods and innovative learning platforms, we create an inspiring atmosphere that makes learning not only effective but also exciting. Welcome to the Business Academy, which not only imparts knowledge, but also brings it to life - we are ready to accompany you on your journey to success!

CPC Academy training CPC Academy training

CPC Academy.

Our CPC vision is to create organisations that are successful and robust in the long term - places where people work with joy and purpose. A key success factor for this is the continuous learning of employees.

That's why you'll find our expertise and experience from more than 30 years of counselling in easy-to-understand formats in our learning offers, which are prepared according to the latest findings in learning psychology, because learning should also be fun and meaningful.

Our Collections

Which topic are you interested in?

Change Management

Design your next change project – with strategy, attitude and the right tools!



Discover the key competencies to lead with vision, motivate teams and create sustainable success


Agile Working

Master the art of flexible team and project management and accelerate innovation effectively.


Project Management

Learn proven methods to successfully initiate, manage and complete projects – for a measurable contribution to company success


Available Dates.

Ambigame – Online business simulation with professional team coaching





€1,400.00 excl. tax


Business Storytelling - Boot Camp




€5,000.00 excl. tax


Business Storytelling - for strategy and change




€3,000.00 excl. tax


Business Storytelling - Impuls




€500.00 excl. tax


Business Storytelling - Impulse Series




€2,000.00 excl. tax


Business Storytelling - Learning Journey




€20,000.00 excl. tax


What do our customers say?

The clear structure and high practical content of our learning formats are convincing!

"Die Ausbildung zur Change Managerin bei CPC hat mir besonders gut gefallen, weil wir das gewaltige Change-KnowHow sofort in der Projektarbeit angewendet haben. So bleibt richtig was hängen und hilft mir sofort.Der Change-Werkzeugkoffer ist pickepackvoll gepackt und macht es mir wieder ein Stück leichter, den Wandel miteinander zu gestalten. Danke CPC!"

Ulrike Weller

Nürnberger Versicherung

"Der Online-Teil hat mir gefallen, weil er sehr gut strukturiert war. Ich mochte auch die Wiederholung, weil man sie ein oder mehrere Male durchgehen kann und den theoretischen Teil wirklich versteht."

Andreas Dirring

General Manager, MadingerChina

"Als Beraterin im kommunalen Klimaschutz war ich auf der Suche nach Ansätzen, die sich auch für öffentliche Verwaltungen übertragen lassen. Das Training hat mir gezeigt, dass die klare und strukturierte CPC-Methode hier viele hilfreiche Instrumente bietet“

Marion Elle

Projektleiterin Leipziger Institut für Energie GmbH

CPC Academy training

Our Formats.

Open training courses - on site.

As an individual or with a group of up to 16 people, you can directly book your course of choice for one of the scheduled dates. The course takes place in the city listed in the course overview.

Open training courses - live online.

As an individual or with a small group, you can book directly into the course on the scheduled dates. The course takes place online and is conducted via Microsoft Teams.

Open training courses - web-based training.

As an individual,you can book directly into the course on the scheduled dates. You can complete the interactive e-learning when it suits you best.

In-house training - on site.

With a group of between 6 and 16 people, you can organise an individual group training course with us. We will make an individual appointment with you and come to your company.

IIn-house training - web-based training.

With a contract for personalised licences, you can also integrate our WBTs into your company's own Learning Management System (LMS).

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